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When the ONE becomes even better

Since the launch 1.5 years ago, Axkid ONE has become a new favourite for many parents out there – and we understand why! But we were never complete in developing the safest car seat we ever built. Today, we are happy to announce that the ONE becomes even better – please welcome Axkid ONE 2!

Even though the visual changes are not obvious to the eye, more than 150 updates have been made to improve the overall experience of the car seat. Let us guide you through the most important updates and the popular features of Axkid ONE

Unique features of Axkid ONE

The unique and fundamental functions of Axkid ONE will feature in Axkid ONE 2, but with an even higher quality and integrated functions.

Sliding seat technology that gives the best legroom on the marketLong range safety program – only need for one rear-facing car seat through childhood30 seconds installation guaranteeAdvanced sleep well system with a stepless recline functionHigh quality user experience

Many of the updates cannot be seen with the naked eye, but yourself and your child will feel and experience the premium update. One such update is the harness routing, which now has reduced friction and thus moves even smoother.

More than 150 changes have been developed to improve the user experience and safety of the Axkid ONE 2. From the smallest screw and components, playing key roles in some of the beloved main features, to larger visual differences such as the headrest and inlays, the Axkid ONE 2 has once again, set new standards on the market.

Headrest improvements

The headrest has an advanced geometry update and with its force absorbing technology, it ensures a child’s safety in the event of a collision. The geometry of the headrest as well as the choice of material is specially designed to absorb the crash forces before reaching the child, giving the highest level of safety for a child. Another update regarding the headrest is the headrest adjustment, which is now a one-push button for smoother handling.

New inserts and increased comfort

Moreover, both inserts (for 0 – 60 cm and 60 – 105 cm) have an improved fit, providing a child with even more comfort. The 60 – 105 cm insert benefits from ventilation holes and a durable design that easily adapts to the seat.  This, together with the advanced sleep well system will allow a high comfort for all children regarding size and length.

With Axkid ONE 2, we are also introducing a new textile fabric, through all colours. The new updated textile cover offers the award-winning seat a better custom fit, improving the overall experience of the car seat due to a higher level of comfort.

To summarise, many changes have been developed to increase the user experience and improve the functions of Axkid ONE 2. The key features that have made this car seat unique, and beloved remain – don’t you worry. But the time is here for the ONE to get even better.



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