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With the VARIO BASE, you are ready for four years of convenient safety on the road. The modular base is compatible with the new BABY-SAFE PRO & BABY-SAFE 3 i-SIZE – and each of them (sold) can be installed on the base with just one click. The rotating feature allows you to turn each seat towards the car door, making it easy to place and harness your child.

Easy access - The rotating feature of the base allows you to turn the seat to the car door, allowing you to easily place your child in and out of the seat.

Adjustable rebound bar - The rebound bar not only helps to prevent the child's car seat from tilting in an impact but can also be adjusted by an entire 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the rebound bar to the backrest of the vehicle seat and gives your child 10% of additional leg space.

Adjustable angle optimisation - In cars with inclined vehicle seats, there may be a risk of your child's head tipping forward, especially when they fall asleep in a car seat. With our VARIO BASE 5Z you can easily adjust the angle of the car seat to six different positions, to provide a more ergonomic yet safe position of your child during any journey and in any car.

Installed correctly every time - Thanks to the audible click, you can be sure that the BABY-SAFE 5Z is installed correctly every time. Additionally, a visual indicator on the release button of the base offers extra peace of mind.

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