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BeSafe Newborn Haven

BeSafe Newborn Haven



1. Why did we make BeSafe Newborn Haven?

Carrying is important for bonding during the baby’s first months and newborns have specific needs during their first months. To create a perfect carrier for newborn babies, we’ve had the details supporting the needs during the first year in focus. Our Newborn Haven is the first carrier you use before it’s time to switch to BeSafe Haven.


Ergonomics tailormade for the babies first year

  • A special pouch Design that helps to support the newborns natural spine shape
  • Gives knee to knee support and enables deep M position. The base of the carrier can be adjusted according to the growth of the baby
  • Design that supports the newborns arms to stay upwards in a natural position
  • The newborn gets a tight and optimal position with the supportive Fabric and internal webbing straps
  • Flexibly adjustable head support keeping the baby supported until they are able to hold the head themselves


Easy adjustable functions for a hassle free carrying

  • No need for pre-adjustments before each use
  • Panel tightness adjustable via shoulder straps
  • Leg position easily adjusted with two buttons
  • Head support with 4 different options for use
  • Waist belt with easy and safe click-on buckle
  • Small pockets on each side



Comfortable carrying for both newborn and parent

  • Super soft and stretchy material for optimal comfort and fit
  • Foam padding inside shoulder strap for softness against the shoulder
  • Shoulder straps that can be worn straight or spread out, depending on how you prefer it
  • Extra wide and supportive waist belt


2. Function & features

Special pouch design
Allows for a deep sitting position

Spreadable shoulder straps
To maximize the comfort when carrying

Adjustable positioning
Head support and leg support adjustable as the baby grows

Extra soft inside material
Made of a mix with TENCEL™ lyocell which is naturally soft to touch, and feels very smooth against your baby’s skin


3. Tests certifications & awards

CEN TR 16512
It is acknowledged by IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) as hip healthy
Certified as back friendly for the baby and the parent by AGR


4. Product details

Approval: The baby carrier is approved under the applicable standard for this kind of baby carrier, CEN TR 16512
Stature height: The baby carrier is recommended to be used from approx. 50 cm
Child weight: The baby carrier fits babies between 3,2 and 11 kg
Child age: Your child can use the baby carrier from 0-12 months
Carrying mode: The baby carrier can be used on the front, Inward facing

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